There are a few ways to be invited to a community

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There are a few ways to be invited to a community

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It's a complex system that is a bit hard to wrap my head around WoW Classic Items, but I'm looking forward to checking it out once it becomes available either during the alpha or at launch. To recap: Battle for Azeroth will go live on August 14. If you're already playing you can preorder it for a free character boost and the first four Allied Races. For more on Battle for Azeroth, check out all the fun things dataminers have found.

We’ve all had friends or been the friend that switches realms for one reason or another—raiding, joining or fleeing now-bygone PvP realms, and the like. The ability to do cross-realm content has helped players stay connected for years, but group planning relied on external sources for communication and planning. Communities, one of the highlighted features debuted in the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, blends the familiar functionality of in-game Guilds and the Blizzard Groups feature found on the Blizzard Desktop Application.

Open the Guilds and Communities dashboard (default J) At the top you will see the guild your character is in. Warcraft communities will appear below the guild tab and have a gold border around the icon. You can also access Blizzard Groups from within the game. They will have a light blue border around the channel icon. Blizzard Groups allow you to connect to players from other Blizzard or Activision titles available on the Blizzard Desktop Application.

At the bottom is a big green plus sign, inviting you to join or create a new community. Clicking that will bring up the option to create a World of Warcraft Community or Blizzard Group. Enter the desired name of the Community, pick a short name that will appear in the main chat window, which can be up to six letters in length, followed by adding a description of what the community is about—raiding, mythic plus, pet battling, achievement runs, etc.

There are a few ways to be invited to a community Buy Gold in WoW Classic. You can be invited directly by character name from someone in the Community. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the invitation code from the unique website link created for the group. These links can be made to expire after 1 use or 1 day up to unlimited uses and never expiring. You can also join a community by clicking on a direct link in chat. Warcraft communities are character and faction specific—you must add each character you want to be in that community individually.

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britrecko: Are you in the US? Your handle suggests you are in GB? If in the US, is the Lewis registered? 12K for a registered Brit Lewis is within the ballpark for value of a Deactivated WAr Trophy and even a live gun. The


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